What are our customers saying?

Jan Hinchley

"My fire basket needed welding but I couldn't find anyone to do it When I contacted Mr Moore he told me to bring it ot his work shop in Cheney Manor Rd, Swindon and he would see what he could do. Mr Moore Repaired my fire basket at a very reasonable price. It seems that, for him,no job is too small. I would deffinately recommend him to anyone."

28 Roadster Hot Rod (Below)

Built for a friend who "always wanted one" but could never afford it. So we built it on a budget!! The car uses a Reliant Scimitar chassis and running gear, fiberglass 32 body kit, Triumph Renown grill and whatever bits and pieces we had lying around (rear bumper is a clothes rail found in a skip). When finished the material cost of this HOT ROD was around £1,000 + many hours of work!!! (Photos below)

Jim 'teeth' Frankham

"My 28 glass roadster:- The initial project i.e. body and scimitar running gear was a pressy from my lovely wife. Purchased off eBay for £600. Although mechanically inclined, I have no facilities so the build consisted of an I'll help you, you help me round the workshop basis.

This by my long term friend Mick "Micky" Moore at his workshop in Swindon. His ability to think 'out of the box' on creating linkages, brackets, mechanical get rounds, as well as his pure skills in welding and wiring are unparalleled. His aptitude for not being beaten, undoubted, with parts sourced from scrap cars, to good old Beaulieu autojumble.

This rod was completed at an extremely low cost. Ala traditional rod building. I'm sure you will agree thou not purist (what the hell is)? A fine rat rod has been completed. Mick is only to willing to have a go at anything and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him as a builder of unique vehicles and a good friend. I just wish he would tidy up after himself. Oh well, a true artist!"