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SAMMIO G-46, 1968 Reliant Scimitar SE5 donor

This is a rare SAMMIO G-46. I believe only 11 of these were ever built and this is actually the 3rd; the only one with round arches and twin humps. The car has valid MOT and TAX but is in need of a paint job and some interior finishing.

The donor car was a 1968 Reliant Scimitar SE5 - the body was removed and the G-46 body was fitted in its place. There are a few mechanical problems to sort out such as low oil pressure and starting problems when hot. It is very difficult to price this car but as a guideline the 1st (unfinished but with a good paint job) SAMMIO G-46 sold for £8,600.

Price: £5,000.00

Can be viewed at my workshop, 10 min from J16, M4
Note: I don't like dealing in cash so it's PayPal or bank transfer preferred!
Thanks for looking