Replica Rides Swindon

Bespoke, hand-built cars in Swindon

We started Replica Rides as a small part-time business operating from a large, domestic garage right here in Swindon. We very quickly ran out of space and moved into the industrial unit we occupy today.

It's very difficult to describe exactly what we do but basically we build big toys for big boys & girls. The DVLA refers to the bespoke cars we build as "radically altered vehicles" and as such, each one has to be registered individually once built.

Hand-made & road ready

You can quite literally be certain that the hand-made, road ready car we design and build for you will be unique.

The vehicles we create are normally based around the standard chassis, engine and running gear from a donor vehicle (see right) too which a bespoke body is then fitted.

Hillbilly Hotrod project

This car was built around a Scimitar chassis and running gear, the body tub of a smashed up Lomax and all the other "bits" were either found or made from odds-and-sods lying around. (Photos below)

Donor vehicles

What kind of cars do we work with?

The donor vehicles we use are usually Reliant Robins/Scimitars, Triumph Spitfires/Heralds/GT6s or Citroen 2CVs/Dyanes - but anything with an original chassis is a possibility.

Because the "original unaltered" chassis and major components are used the result does not need an SVA/IVA test and retains the original donor registrations details; only the make and model will read different.

Need some help completing a kit car?

As well as designing and building our own bespoke cars we will also undertake the build of any kit car such as the Sammio spider, Ribble G-46 or Tribute MX2500 etc. This can be a part build or a turnkey build.

We can also help with or undertake any modification on a pre-build kit car including completing an abandon project.

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